Friday, June 15, 2012

New in

Hi gorgeous people! Today I will show you what I've bought few days ago. It's not much, since I'm waiting for the sales to start at the beginning of July, but it made me happy...

Pretty Little Liars Books
Smiley Face Shirt: New Yorker
Shirt: New Yorker
Green Shirt: New Yorker
Coins Purses: H&M
Shirt: New Yorker
Cardigan: New Yorker
Dress: H&M
Bag: New Yorker
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Thursday, June 7, 2012


We all are addicted to shopping, right? We always want something more, even though there is no more space in our closets which are larger than any other room in our homes.... I have made for today another list of what I want to buy for this summer....
Hope you will like here it goes...
H&M shirt 9.95 euros
Zara shoes 25.95 euros
H&M shoes 19.95 euros

Zara bag 27.95 euros
H&M dress 9.95 euros
Zara necklace 16.95 euros
So what do you think?
Thanks for reading and feel free do comment, I love reading your comments...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm back

Hi everybody!!!! Maybe you were asking yourself what happened to me. Don't worry, I'm fine :) I was working hard on my Master's Thesis and on my exams these couple of weeks and I didn't have a spare time to write something. I still have lot of work to do, but I hope that I would be able to write more often. 
Also I need advice from you. I want to buy a camera but I don't know which one to choose. It doesn't need to be very expensive, let's say less than 500 €. 
Thanks for reading, and have a great day
See you soon


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink it up

Hi chicas! Finally warmer weather :) I can't wait for the summer and I'm literally counting the days (43 days till June - for me summer starts in June). I'm sure that all of you have enforced your closet with colorful clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags... Well if you like pink (and who doesn't) here are some picks for you :)

H&M dress 29.95 € bag 28£
Tally Weijl sunglasses 4.95
Zara shoes 19.95
Tally Weijl watch 12.95
H&M hat 7.95
Tally Weijl shoes 29.95

 Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment I love to read your comments...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Roses are Red, Fashion is Timex

Roses are Red, Fashion is Timex

Parker strapless silk dress
$79 -

Giuseppe Zanotti suede flat shoes
$222 -

Timex watch
$45 -

Miss Selfridge wrap jewelry
£5 -

Hi everybody! For those of you who use Polyvore, there is an ongoing contest by Timex. The price is 500$! I've just entered so maybe you would like to try your luck. 
I really like this red dress, especially the zip detail. Wear it with flat shoes and matching bag, and don't forget the watch, you will have the perfect combination. 
Good luck to all of you who will enter the contest!
And Happy Easter to those who are celebrating!!!! 
Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment.... XOXO
P.S What do you think of my new page layout? 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Game of Thrones

My sister convinced me few days ago to order the Game of Thrones books set from Amazon, which we got today. Well, we start watching the TV show, but I couldn't make it through one episode, and that was it. While I was in Macedonia, my sister continued watching the show, and got so addicted to it that the only thing she was talking about was Game of Thrones.
This set was 21.51 € (from The books are not of a great quality, but for 5 € each are great (the ratio price/quality is excellent).  I'm planning to start reading them as soon as possible, and maybe after that I would want to watch the TV show.

Book one: A Game of Thrones

Book two: A Clash of Kings
Book three: A Storm of Swords
Book four: A Feast for Crows
What do you think about these books? Are they worth reading? Let me know.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Stuff

Hi sweeties! How are you today? I was studying till now, and I feel exhausted. O.K. the important thing is that today I bought two new things, the GARNIER Anti-Puff Eye Roller and Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller. I had been using the Anti-Puff Eye Roller for few years, and I'm very satisfied. As for the Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller, I wanted to try it, but I wasn't sure how it would be, but as I heard it is great. I can't wait to try it.

 So what do you think? Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, I love to read your comments....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Turn off the lights

Hi everybody!!!! Today I'm pretty tired, because I was in Macedonia and I've decided to come back to Italy by bus, which I can say was very stupid of my side. I was traveling for 24 hours, without sleep and without decent cup of coffee. Well now I know for the next time I wont make the same mistake.
O.K. enough for my trip. I've bought from Macedonia two nail polishes and I've just done my nails and I want to share some pictures with you. What is interesting about these nail polishes is the fact that they cost me less that 1 € (yeah both of them). They can't brag with quality, but the place that sells them has one million different shades and I can't resist them.

Sorry about the bad quality of the photos, it is my plan to buy new camera soon.
The first step is to apply neon green nail polish.

Then the next step is to apply green glitter nail polish.

This is very easy to do, and also you can try with other colors.
Thanks for reading, I'm off to bed now :)
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shopping List Part 2

As I said before the shopping list will be continued. So for today I have chosen some pieces that I really like from different stores. I really want to know what you think about them, and which one is your favorite. 
Let's start with the top which is perfect for the summer, and this tribal pattern is with coordination with the shoes and the bag. I don't want to wear the same color of shoes and bag, so that is the reason why I've chosen different ones. I wear same color of shoes and bag only for ceremonies. Also the skirt is very beautiful, and made for the hot summer days. To complete the look I've chosen some earrings from Tally Weijl, and for this combination I would choose the pink ones.

Tally Weijl top 9.95 euros
Tally Weijl purse 12.95 euros
Tally Weijl shoes 29.95 euros
Pimkie skirt 14.95 euros
Tally Weijl earrings 3.95
Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment....

Saturday, April 7, 2012

How to wear it

Sometimes we all have a problem deciding what to wear and how to wear it. For instance, you have picked the perfect dress and the perfect shoes but you don’t know which bag to wear or which piece of jewelry to put on you. Is this too much? Does this mach with that? These are just few of the questions that are circling in your head. Here are some tips that I think are very useful for all you fashionable girls.

Let’s start with the jewelry. Even though today the rule is the more the better, I have to disagree with this. Sometimes less jewelry is definitely better, because you don’t want to look like Christmas tree. 

Tip 1: When you are wearing short necklace don’t wear long earrings!
Why? Well for one thing it shortens your neck. Try with little studs and you will get the perfect look.

Tip 2: If you are wearing watch on one hand put the ring on the other!
Even though sometimes the ring and the watch look nice on one hand, try this tip and your both hands will be stylish.

Tip 3: Don’t exaggerate with the bracelets!
This doesn’t mean to put just one bracelet. Put as many as you want but pay attention if they go one with another.

I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment…XOXO
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