Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shopping list part 1

For today's post I have made a list of some pieces that I want to buy. I can't wait for the sales to star in July, so I guess until then I have to keep myself busy and wait. There are many many many beautiful things in the shops so it's hard to decide which to buy. My picks for today are cotton top from H&M which personally I think is perfect for the summer, clutch form Zara (I love these pastel colors), flat sandals in green from H&M and green shorts also from H&M.
Zara clutch
H&M sandals
H&M shorts
H&M top


1. Zara clutch 25.95 €
2. H&M sandals 19.95 €
3. H&M shorts 19.95 €
4. H&M top 14.95 €
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment....
To be Continued.....


  1. wow.,,,ur shopping list is so awesome....very lovely items
    anyway lets follow each other

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. great styling!!!
    thnx for stopping by my blog

  4. Gorgeous colours :) I choose the green shorts and sandals!

    Now following you!

  5. Loving that Zara clutch!!!!


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